Become a Member-Owner

To become a member-owner, you buy a refundable share worth $140. Pay for it over seven years, or all at once.
The Co-op operates on the principle of one share, one vote.  Any person may hold a share in the Co-op.  However, it is not necessary for each person in a household to own a share.  Members of the same household can shop on one membership, but only the person holding the share may vote in matters concerning the Co-op.  If you choose to leave the Co-op, you may receive a full refund of your share.

Cooperative member/ownership benefits the business as well as its members.  It provides the Co-op with equity to make major purchases (such as new equipment) or improvements.  Co-op owners gain many benefits as well as rights and responsibilities.  Your participation and commitment enlivens the Co-op and helps to make it a true community organization.

As a Co-op member-owner, you can:

  • help to sustain a locally-owned business
  • share in the success of the Co-op through your annual member patronage dividend
  • get a free subscription to The SCOOP, our quarterly newsletter
  • receive 12 annual monthly discounts, worth 5% off an unlimited amount of most items in the store
  • get additional discounts on specified “member-only sale” items
  • receive discounts on classes at the store
  • receive a 5% discount on Mondays if you are over 60 years old
  • write checks for up to $20 over your purchase for cash back
  • order products directly from our main Co-op distributors and save substantially through our special order program
  • place free classified ads or reduced-rate display ads in The Scoop
  • have access to information on the Co-op’s financial status
  • run for a seat on the Board of Directors
  • vote in Board elections and on referenda
  • become a volunteer and receive an additional 4% or 8% member volunteer discount at the register